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 Products and Pricing


All Prints are available in several sizes and print surfaces.  

Prices are listed for the most popular but all images can be customized to your preference.  Contact me first to order.  Once confirmed pay using the convenient PayPal Button.  


Metal Prints- These are aluminum prints that are beautifully luminous, durable, and do not require framing.

       8 x 12    $125.00                 16 x 24   $175.00                 20 x 30   $225.00

Kodak Metallic Paper- This paper provides for a luminous quality similar to the Metal Print at a more affordable price.  

       8 x 12    $75.00                    16 x 24   $100.00                20 x 30     $125.00

Fuji Lustre Paper- A more traditional paper print with a semi-matte finish.  

      8 x 12    $50.00                    16 x 24   $75.00                   20 x 30     $100.00


Paper Prints can be mounted on  foam core board for an additional $25.00


Also Available are Note Cards, Christmas Cards and other custom  products 

upon request.

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